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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Gaining Access to the System

Initially, in order to gain access to the system, the user must install a component of Java code, J .Initiator, on their PC.  The J. Initiator may be downloaded as follows:

  1. 1.)Logon to
  2. 2.)Click the “Tech tools” tab and proceed as instructed; the same page offers Adobe reader 7.0 if needed.


  1. You need DSL, cable, or T-1 line to download the J. Initiator, the transfer rate will be slow for a regular Modem.  Alternatively, we can provide a CD that contains J. Initiator
  2. You may have to inform your system administrator that you are going to download or install the J. Initiator applied on your PC.

The ILA Port of Discovery Administrator has assigned a User ID and Password to each new user.  Immediately after the initial logon, the user is encouraged, for the security of their individual data, to change the password following a specific password convention:

  1. Minimum 6 characters but no more that 9 characters
  2. Must have a combination of lowercase letters and numeric
  3. The first character must be a letter
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