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Monday, 02 July 2007
Section 1. Management.

The multiemployer Management group bound to the Master
Contract consists of the carriers, stevedores, marine terminal
operators, and port associations that are members of USMX; the
carriers, stevedores, and marine terminal operators that are members
of the port associations that are members of USMX; and the carriers,
stevedores, and marine terminal operators that hereafter become
members of USMX or hereafter subscribe to this Master Contract as
well as those carriers and other employers bound hereto by operation
of law.



Section 2. Recognition.

Management recognizes the ILA as the exclusive bargaining
representative of longshoremen, clerks, checkers, and maintenance
employees who are employed on ships and terminals in all ports on
the East and Gulf Coasts of the United States, inclusive from Maine
to Texas, and the ILA recognizes USMX as the exclusive employer
representative in such ports on Master Contract issues.

Section 3. Complete Labor Agreement.

This Master Contract is a full and complete agreement on all
Master Contract issues relating to the employment of longshore
employees on container and ro-ro vessels and container and ro-ro
terminals in all ports from Maine to Texas at which ships of USMX
carriers and carriers that are subscribers to this Master Contract may
call. This Master Contract as supplemented by local bargaining
constitutes a complete and operative labor agreement.

Section 4. Local Bargaining.

The port associations which are bound by this Master Contract
will engage in local negotiations on those bargaining subjects left
open to local negotiations by USMX and ILA. Local agreements
must be consistent with and will supplement the terms and conditions
of the Master Contract in the local ports covered by this Master
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