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Monday, 02 July 2007
Section 1. Containerization Agreement.

Management hereby reaffirms that employees covered by this
Master Contract have jurisdiction over longshore, checker,
maintenance, and other craft work conferred on such workers by the
Containerization Agreement, a copy of which is appended to this
Master Contract as Appendix A.

Section 2. Rules On Containers.

The Rules On Containers that were in effect on September 30,
2004, a copy of which is appended to this Master Contract as
Appendix B, shall remain in effect during the term of this Master

Section 3. Maine to Texas.

The ILA’s Master Contract jurisdiction continues on a multi-
port bargaining unit basis covering all ports from Maine to Texas at
which ships of USMX carriers and subscribers may call.

Section 4. Jurisdiction Committee.

(a) Fact Finding. The Jurisdiction Committee will visit every


port that raises an issue concerning any violation of the Master
Contract’s jurisdiction provisions. The Jurisdiction Committee will
render a report within thirty (30) days of each visit. The Jurisdiction
Committee can use an independent third party to perform fact-finding
whenever the Committee agrees that such action is necessary.

(b) Labor Adjustor System. After October 1, 2004,
Management and the ILA will set up a labor adjustor system to hear
and resolve Master Contract jurisdictional disputes within thirty (30)
days of the dispute being presented. Part of this system will permit
the labor adjustors, on an as-needed basis, to use an independent
third party to perform fact-finding whenever the labor adjustors agree
that such action is necessary.
Section 5. Supervision and Management.

The ILA work described in the jurisdiction provisions of this
Master Contract is to be performed by ILA-represented workers on
the waterfront facility and not by supervision or other non-bargaining
unit employees.

Section 6. Reefer Containers.

Except where other unions now have jurisdiction, the work of
plugging and unplugging reefer containers aboard vessels is not to
be performed by other outside persons, such as ship’s crew, provided
that agreement can be reached regarding minimal manning and agreed
hours of the ILA labor.

Section 7. Port Authorities.

USMX and the ILA agree to the creation of a joint committee
for the purpose of meeting with representatives of port authorities
on issues of jurisdiction in accordance with the letter dated August
29, 1996, from Management’s Chairman to the ILA’s President, a
copy of which is appended to this Master Contract as Appendix C.

Section 8. Marine Terminal Work.

It is recognized that the marine terminal work of the ILA crafts
has traditionally been performed on pier and waterfront facilities.
When such marine terminal work is moved off the marine terminal
by the terminal operator or by a signatory carrier to facilities in the



port area, the ILA shall retain its work jurisdiction where the work is
the work that would have been performed in the marine terminal or
port area.

Section 9. Work Opportunities.

The parties agree that any chance of reacquiring the work of
stuffing and stripping containers requires a dedicated work force of
trained, productive workers hired at compensation commensurate
with the local competition and without any restrictive rules. The
parties should examine into this subject and all of its conditions.

Section 10. Space Charters.

The ILA has the same jurisdiction over a signatory space
chartered vessel as it has over any vessel operated by a USMX
member or by a signatory to this Master Contract. Vessels and
containers owned or leased by USMX members or by signatories to
this Master Contract shall be subject to ILA jurisdiction in each and
every port where their vessels may call from Maine to Texas not
only on signatory ships but also on non-signatory ships on which
their containers may be carried. Containers of non-signatory carriers
carried on signatory ships also shall be subject to ILA jurisdiction.
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