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Monday, 02 July 2007
Section 1. Local Level.

All disputes under this Master Contract involving
containerization and ro-ro, including interpretations of this Master
Contract, shall be heard initially by the Local Industry Grievance
Committee ("LIGC"), which shall consist of the following: three (3)
Management representatives (a representative of USMX; a
representative of the local port association where the dispute arose;
and a local stevedore or terminal operator) and three (3)
representatives appointed by the ILA. Requests for interpretations
may be brought at any time. The LIGC shall reach a decision within
ten (10) days after either a charge has been filed of an alleged violation
or a request filed seeking an interpretation.

Section 2. Appellate Level.

Where there is a failure to render a decision on the local level or
where a party desires to appeal any decision rendered on the local
level, such cases may be referred to the Industry Appellate Committee

Section 3. Appeals From a Decision of the LIGC.

Appeals from a decision of the LIGC must be taken within twenty

(20) days after a decision has been reached and the parties notified
or within twenty (20) days from the deadline referred to in Section 1
of this Article XIII for the LIGC to reach a decision.


Section 4. Appeals Form.

All appeals must be taken on an appellate form prepared by
USMX and the ILA.

Section 5. Industry Appellate Committee.

(a) Number of IAC Members. The IAC shall be comprised
of sixteen (16) representatives of Management and sixteen (16)
representatives of the ILA.
(b) Co-Chairmen. The President of the ILA shall be Co-
Chairman of the Union members of the IAC and the Chairman/CEO
of USMX shall be the Co-Chairman of the Management members
of the IAC.
(c) Telephonic Notice. Either Co-Chairman may call the IAC
into session on short notice by telephone with fax confirmation to
the other Co-Chairman and Executive Secretary.
(d) Quorum. The Co-Chairmen may agree between
themselves in special cases to call into session an IAC meeting with
less than sixteen (16) members on each side provided that not less
than six (6) such members on each side including the Co-Chairmen
are convened to hear and determine a dispute. The IAC may hear
and determine a dispute by telephone or video-telephone conference
on the request of either Co-Chairman.
(e) Majority Vote. Decisions by the LIGC and the IAC shall
be rendered by a majority vote thereof. Decisions by the IAC shall
be final and binding and shall constitute an enforceable award.
(f) Multi-Port Charges. Charges of alleged violations of this
Master Contract involving more than one (1) port shall be referred
directly to the IAC for a final determination.
(g) Failure to Appear. If after due and timely notice, either
party fails to appear at a meeting of the LIGC or IAC, then the other
party may proceed and hear the matter and issue a decision
Section 6. Arbitration.

(a) Panel of Arbitrators. The Co-Chairmen shall provide for


a panel of at least five (5) and no more than ten (10) named arbitrators
who shall serve as the permanent arbitrators of the IAC during the
term of this Master Contract. The Labor Arbitration Rules of the
American Arbitration Association then in effect shall be utilized in
such selection process.

(b) Selection of Arbitrator. If the IAC shall be unable to
resolve matters referred to it, the Co-Chairmen shall seek to select
an arbitrator immediately after the IAC deadlocks. If no such selection
is made immediately (on the same day as the deadlock), within a ten
(10) day period either party may refer the matter to the arbitrator
next in line who is available in accordance with the selection system.
(c) Selection System. An arbitrator shall be selected by the
Executive Secretary pulling the name of the arbitrator by lottery.
This first available arbitrator shall hear and determine the first dispute.
After the first selection and thereafter, the lottery shall only include
the names of the remaining arbitrators until all arbitrators have been
selected in order of their being drawn. For each selection, arbitrators
shall be listed in the order of drawing so that the arbitrator first
indicating his availability shall be given the assignment. The Co-
Chairmen are hereby authorized to oversee such selection and to
exercise their discretion in such selection process.
(d) Expedited Arbitration. Any party to this Master Contract
may, with respect to any grievance, dispute, complaint or claim arising
out of or relating to the Master Contract at any point waive any and
all preliminary steps of the grievance machinery and submit the matter
to arbitration ("expedited arbitration") at any time after a matter has
been considered by the Co-Chairmen. Such requests shall be made
in writing by the President of the ILA or the Chairman/CEO of
USMX, as the case may be, or their designees. Such writing may be
by telegram or a letter hand delivered to the office of the other party.
Telephonic or telegraphic notice shall be given at the same time to a
member of the arbitration panel who shall immediately thereafter
(and not later than twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of such notice)
convene an arbitration hearing at such place as the arbitrator shall
determine, including the work place where the dispute arose.


(e) Failure to Appear. In the event any party fails to appear
at any arbitration, including an expedited arbitration hearing, the
party failing to appear shall be deemed to have waived its right to
contest its non-participation, and the arbitrator shall proceed forthwith
to determine the issue.
(f) Award. In an expedited arbitration the arbitrator shall issue
a short form award at the end of the hearing unless the time to render
an award is extended by mutual consent. The arbitrator shall have
the right to issue a more detailed decision within thirty (30) days
after the rendition of such short form award setting forth the reasons
for his award. As to all other arbitrations, the arbitrator shall issue
his award as expeditiously as possible. If an award is not rendered
within thirty (30) days (unless both parties agree to extend such time
period) either party shall have the right to terminate the services of
that arbitrator who shall be replaced in accordance with the
procedures set forth in Section 6(c) of this Article XIII. If the arbitrator
is disabled and is thereby prevented from rendering a decision within
thirty (30) days, or if the arbitrator fails to render a decision within
thirty (30) days, the parties shall refer the record and briefs to the
next arbitrator for decision unless either party objects to such
procedure, in which event a new and expedited hearing shall be held.
(g) Right to Strike. The ILA shall have the right to refuse to
render service to any carrier or direct employer who fails or refuses
to abide by the final decisions of the LIGC (if not appealed) or IAC
after having been found to have violated any provisions of the Master
Contract until said carrier or direct employer comes into full
compliance with said decision. The provisions of any "no-strike"
clause shall not be applicable in any such situation.
Section 7. Regular IAC Meetings.

The IAC shall meet regularly at least three (3) times per year to
review the implementation of the Master Contract and the objectives
of both parties to develop a dynamic, growth-oriented industry that
addresses job opportunities for the work force through competitive
and efficient utilization of manpower to meet the needs of the industry.
The Co-Chairmen shall fix the date, place, and time of such regular



Section 8. Industry Resource Committee.

The Management-ILA Industry Resource Committee consisting
of the Co-Chairmen and seven (7) representatives on each side
appointed by each Co-Chairman shall continue in effect for the
purpose of considering major industry problems which require
consideration for the benefit of Management, the ILA and the
employees and which shall serve as a Master Contract planning
committee to consider such agendas as may be brought before them
by agreement of the Co-Chairmen.

Section 9. Disputes Among Fund Trustees.

Any dispute arising among the trustees of the CFS Fund, the
CR-4 Fund, MILA, or any other fund whose trustees are appointed
pursuant to any of the trusts created under this Master Contract shall
be referred and determined in accordance with the arbitration
procedures created under the terms of the applicable trust agreement.
The trustees of these Master Contract funds shall also enforce the
collection of any and all assessments provided under this Master
Contract, and all carriers, employers, ILA locals and officials, port
associations, local fund trustees, beneficiaries, and other persons
claiming any rights or benefits under the Master Contract funds shall
be bound by the terms of any directives or awards issued by the
trustees of these Master Contract funds, which shall have the full
force and effect of arbitration awards and shall be enforceable in the
same manner as arbitration awards.
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