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Monday, 02 July 2007
Section 1. Refusal to Work.

If any carriers do not subscribe to this Master Contract, the ILA
shall have the right not to work on the loading and discharging of
their ships or any work ancillary thereto.

Section 2. Non-Subscribers.

If any employers of employees covered by this Master Contract
do not so subscribe, the ILA shall have the right not to engage in any



work for them at facilities operated by them. No persons or entities
shall have any right to any part of any benefit flowing from this
Master Contract unless they or any entities or local unions that
represent them have subscribed to and agreed to be bound by this
Master Contract. Such subscription shall be accomplished only with
the joint consent of USMX and the ILA as to persons who are not
members of USMX or of any port association member of USMX.

Section 3. Fringe Benefit Assessment.

No assessment for fringe benefits or any other expense shall be
imposed upon the carrier members of USMX or carrier signatories
to this Master Contract, or any of them, by any entity, whether
Management, Labor or Joint, which is not a named party to this
Master Contract without the prior written authorization of USMX.
No change in any fringe benefit assessment by any port or district
shall be made without prior consultation with USMX and the ILA.
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