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Monday, 02 July 2007


August 29, 1996

John Bowers, President
International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO
17 Battery Place
New York, New York 10004

Re: ILA Jurisdiction

Dear Mr. Bowers:

During the negotiation of the Master Contract, the parties have
met and resolved all of the issues with respect to jurisdiction.
Recognition was given to the fact that in certain ports the ILA’s
jurisdiction has not extended to all work on ships and terminals.

The parties have agreed to the creation of a joint committee for
the purpose of meeting with representatives of port authorities on
issues of jurisdiction.

You and I have agreed that during the course of these meetings
we will seek to have the port authorities recognize ILA jurisdiction
as set forth in paragraphs, 11 and 12, of the new Master Agreement
covering the jurisdiction of ILA checkers and clerks, longshoremen
and maintenance men. In these meetings we will emphasize the
following tasks to be performed by ILA employees:

a) All work on cargo received into the terminal, placed on
the ships, loaded and unloaded from vessels and delivered



at other immediate pier area, shed, warehouse and terminal
by any means of transportation.

b) The preparation of vessel loading and discharge sequence

c) Cargo stowage in the vessel and reporting of such stowage
including preparation of sequence sheets and prestow plans
for the use of supervisors, foreman, clerks and checkers in
loading and discharging the vessel in accordance with the
employer’s instructions.

d) All location work performed by longshoremen, checkers
and clerks involving locating of all containers, chassis and/
or cargo to be loaded, discharged or restowed to or from
the vessel.

e) Physically handling cargo involved in the receipt and
delivery of containers, chassis, equipment and cargo
received and delivered by all ILA labor on the pier, shed,
warehouse or terminal.

f) Where directed by Management, the weighing of
containers and cargo.

g) Verification and recording of the loading of containers,
chassis and/or cargo to and from vessels, barges or terminal.

The above is not intended to be a full and total description of the
work of the ILA personnel in port areas where the ILA may have
traditionally and regularly performed such work and is not intended
to impinge on the work jurisdiction of other personnel or labor
organizations whose employees now perform such work and services.


S / David J. Tolan

David J. Tolan, Chairman
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