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Monday, 02 July 2007


June 6, 2006
James A. Capo, Chairman & CEO
United States Maritime Alliance, Ltd.
100 Wood Avenue South
Suite 410
Iselin, NJ 08830-2716

Re: New Technology

Dear Mr. Capo:

Pursuant to our discussion set forth below are the provisions we
have agreed to for purposes of implementing the USMX-ILA Master
Contract’s New Technology provision.

1. Within ten (10) days after the ILA President receives the
notice from the Management representatives required by
Article X, Section 2 of the USMX-ILA Master Contract,
the ILA must schedule a meeting of all interested parties
in the Local Port or District who will be impacted by the
proposed new technology;
2. Within twenty (20) days after the ILA President sends the
notice described in No. 1 above, the meeting of all
interested parties must be held before the New Technology
Committee described in Paragraph No. 3 below;


3. A New Technology Committee comprised of up to five
(5) USMX representatives and up to five (5) ILA
representatives will review each notice to implement new
technology. This Committee will be co-chaired by the
Chairman/CEO of USMX and the President of the ILA.
The purpose of the Committee is to review the nature and
capabilities of the new technology, the timetable for
implementation of the new technology, and the anticipated
manner in which the new technology will affect the job
functions of employees covered by the Master Contract
so that the union can evaluate the impact of the new
technology on the Master Contract workforce in the local
port area.
4. Any grievance under Article X, Section 3 of the USMXILA Master Contract, shall be filed no later than the sixtieth
(60th) day after the meeting held pursuant to Nos. 1 and 2
above. If that meeting is not held or adjourned pursuant to
the agreement of USMX and the ILA, the grievance must
be filed no later than ninety (90) days after the ILA
President receives the notice from the Management
representative indicating that the new technology is going
to be implemented.
Very truly yours,


S / John Bowers

John Bowers, President

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