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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Major Damage Criteria from the 2004-2010 Master Contract

Master Damage Criteria for Chassis 

Component Part Type of Damage
Brakes Cracked or damaged air tanks and missing components including air lines and chambers, lining worn to ¼” at centers and relay valves which are inoperative
Broken wheel studs More than one stud broken or missing
Oil seals Leaking and hub oil caps
Sevenway Plug Receptacle missing, broken or inoperative
Landing legs Gear box and/or legs bent or bowed to the point of being inoperative
Suspension Cracked or components missing or damage beyond useful function
Axels Loose radius rods and/or out of alignment as to cause unsafe tracking
Twistlocks Bent so as to be inoperative or missing handles
Front lockpins Bent so as to be inoperative or missing pins or locking tab hold handle
Bolsters/Goosenecks Bent to the point of not accepting a container or allowing the container to be locked down
Frame Bent or cracked welds at critical points such as gooseneck to frame rails, frame to bolsters, cross members, frame to leg mounting boxes, and frame to suspension points so as not to allow the container to be locked down
ICC Bumper Missing, if required by original equipment manufacturer, or so severely damaged or bent so as not to function as a bumper to comply with Federal Regulations
Wheel hubs Loose, or missing so as to make chassis inoperative
5th Wheel Cracked at gooseneck; NOTE: this type of damage can only be ascertained during a PM

All deadline chassis must have dead lining reason clearly stated on the TIR and the unit tagged before the carrier will accept it as a deadline.

Master Damage Refrigerated Unit

When a refrigerated container cannot operate to carry refrigerated cargo due to a mechanical failure, the ILA shall retain its jurisdiction to repair such failures.  However, it is understood that the Carriers retain their right to reposition refrigerated containers to accommodate cargo.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 July 2007 )
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